Adventure Session

Adventure Session | Senior Portrait Photographer | Snohomish County Photographer | Fosse Twins

I am so glad that these two siblings were willing to go on an adventure session and get some cool photos at the base of Big Four. Despite the cold temperature and quickly disappearing daylight, it was a really fun afternoon! I hope they both have a great Senior Year!

Adventure senior portraits

Snohomish County Photographer | Adventure Engagement Session | Hyatt/Hase

This is one couple who truly loves to share epic adventures together, and really live life to the fullest. Since they both love the outdoors, it was only fitting to do an "adventure session" with them and go for a walk up to the base of Big Four. I really enjoyed getting to know them both during their session, it is always so amazing to see a couple so in love with each other, and share a passion for  enjoying life together. (And their cute dog Iris as well!) Their mountaintop wedding this summer will be nothing short of incredible! Congratulations Justus and Jacob! 

Snohomish County Photographer | Adventure Engagement Photographer | Lee/Osteraas Engagement Photos

Such an incredible love story... This couple met and fell in love halfway across the world, and now they are getting married in Australia and continuing on with their grand adventure. Since they are such a fun and adventurous couple, it was only fitting for Aaron and Ya-Chen to make an adventure out of their engagement photos. We decided to drive up to Artist Point at Mount Baker for some great scenic shots. Unfortunately, the original forecast of sun and clear sky's was changed to thunderstorms and rain clouds. Thankfully this couple didn't mind that the weather was supposed to be less than ideal and we still made the trip up to Mt. Baker. I am so glad they did because even though we didn't get epic mountain views from Artist Point, we still ended up with some awesome images of them on a true Pacific Northwest Day. And we had a great evening doing so. Congratulations, and my best wishes to Ya-Chen and Aaron!