Snohomish County | Wedding Photography | Cleary Elopement | Mt Pilchuck

Epic is the only word that comes to mind to describe the afternoon spent photographing this adventurous couple. Before road tripping (in their AWESOME RV) back to the Bride's Kansas hometown to have a wedding, this couple decided to elope up in the mountains that they love exploring together. Mount Pilchuck proved to be a great destination for these photos, and once the clouds lifted, the views from the lookout were breathtaking, as was the Bride in her dress. It was one of the most romantic ceremonies I have ever witnessed, and their dog curled up on the Bride's dress during the vows... which was the sweetest thing ever. I was honored to be present for such an awesome experience, and I loved capturing every single photo. Congratulations to both Brendan and Devin, I have no doubt that they will share a countless number of epic adventures together throughout their lifetime! 

The brides hair was done by Hanna K. Jones from Elipz Salons in Bothell, she did a beautiful job! Devin's hair withstood hours of hiking, and it still looked amazing once we got to the top of the mountain!